HRBC FRANCE is the temp agency pioneer in professional mobility. Our employment agency specialize in professional mobility, recruiting, staffing and Human Resources consulting. We operate on the French market, offering different solutions staff, both from France and various European countries. HRBC FRANCE is a part of the international group – HRBC Group, associated with consulting and recruitment companies, having the experience of over 12 years in the field of Human Resources.


We are searching and recruiting “specialists job” in different countries: France, Poland, Romania and other European countries speaking French. Cooperation with HRBC France means to stabilize customers` costs, while sustaining its business and preparing the company for future hiring and creating jobs. We hire under French low contracts and put the staff providing our customers.


  • Analysis of the situation

    We carefully analyze the initial situation and the customer’s expectations – thanks to our ability to capture the specifics of the client’s business, his past experiences and his knowledge of the trade in order to “source”, recruit and select the staff who will suit him best.

  • Analyze the profile

    We carefully analyze the profile we will need to recruit, and we determine with the client, the skills and qualifications required for the position.

  • Planning and skills

    We determine the planning and scope of skills to cover for the project, which – according to the client’s expectations – can include both active candidate search, the approach of candidates who are not initially on the market, selection in our bases. existing data, conducting dematerialized interviews, conventional maintenance, preparation of Knowledge and/or Skills Test, and more…

  • Individualized reports

    The experience of our advisors and the selection tools we have allow an objective assessment of a candidate’s true potential. Based on the information we collect, and the tests we do past, we prepare individualized reports. We provide the best recruitment standards to enable the client a final selection of the best candidates.


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