Recruitment and selection

We carefully analyze the initial situation and the customer’s expectations – thanks to our ability to capture the specifics of the client’s business, his past experiences and his knowledge of the trade in order to “source”, recruit and select the staff who will suit him best.

We carefully analyze the profile we will need to recruit, and we determine with the client, the skills and qualifications required for the position.

We determine the planning and scope of skills to cover for the project, which – according to the client’s expectations – can include both active candidate search, the approach of candidates who are not initially on the market, selection in our bases. existing data, conducting dematerialized interviews, conventional maintenance, preparation of Knowledge and/or Skills Test, and more…

In addition to the French Labour Market, HRBC FRANCE wants to give more opportunities to its clients, with research on other European labour markets that dissipate additional forces, actively looking for employment

A regularly updated candidate base

To contact the best candidates, we use our database – which has been in place since 2007 and is constantly updated – which contains nearly 20,000 professionals from various and varied industries. This gives us perspectives, but also objective information on the level of difficulty of a recruitment, and thus to assess the feasibility and risks associated.

Multiple search channels

A recruitment strategy, developed for the needs of each project, including, among other things, specific research channels to gain access to a certain group of candidates. To do this, and regardless of the candidates we have “in stock”, we develop for our customers, a specific base of candidates, through our personalized access portal, and the partnerships we have with other suppliers, who have them as well as an excellent vision on the market, we will help make appropriate decisions. In addition, we will have the assurance that the client will be able to choose from the best candidates.

Particularly advanced selection tools

The experience of our advisors and the selection tools we have allow an objective assessment of a candidate’s true potential. Based on the information we collect, and the tests we do past, we prepare individualized reports. We provide the best recruitment standards to enable the client a final selection of the best candidates.